Are you ready to upgrade to a new Audi vehicle, but don't know whether you should buy or lease it? Both buying and leasing a new Audi model are great options, but which one is right for you? At Audi North Scottsdale, we offer great loan and lease options and are here to help you choose your plan. To help make it easier, we're going to outline some benefits of buying and leasing a new vehicle. That way, you can see which option is best for you and move forward with driving your dream vehicle home.

Why Should I Lease a New Audi Vehicle?

Leasing generally costs less than buying a new vehicle. That's because when you buy a vehicle, you're paying off a loan on the entire price of it. When you lease, you're only paying for the months that you drive the vehicle during your lease period. This can allow you to choose a nicer vehicle than you would have if you bought one. It also means that you can drive a new vehicle more often. Lease periods tend to last 2-3 years, meaning you can drive a new vehicle after every lease period. This allows you to enjoy the latest updates and additions to vehicles every few years.

Why Should I Buy a New Audi Vehicle?

After you pay off your loan, you own the vehicle, and can do with it as you please. You won't have mileage restrictions so you can drive your vehicle as much as you want. You won't have to make anymore payments after the loan is paid off, as the vehicle is yours. You can choose to customize your vehicle and can sell it whenever you want to upgrade.

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