Are you interested in selling your current or previous vehicle in Phoenix? At Audi North Scottsdale, we want to buy your car from you. We're dedicated to providing drivers with the highest value possible for their trade-ins, regardless of which vehicle you're selling. Whether you want to upgrade to a new vehicle, or get the most cash back, we're here to help. Simply schedule an appointment for an appraisal online or over the phone. After we appraise your vehicle, we'll provide you with a value for it. There's no obligation to sell to us and our offer won't change if you don't want to buy with us. We take pride in offering a quick, efficient and relaxed experience when you sell your vehicle at our dealership.

What Are the Benefits of Selling My Vehicle at Audi North Scottsdale?

  • We offer a quick appraisal of your vehicle and will help you with the paperwork process.
  • You can get an estimate of your vehicle's value online using our value my trade tool.
  • Our team of appraisers and managers are experts with most brands and will offer the highest value possible.
  • We value your vehicle based on it's ability and individuality, not simply by make or model.

What Are the Steps to Selling My Vehicle?

Start by checking out our value my trade tool to get an estimate on your vehicle's worth. Then, schedule an appraisal appointment online and bring your vehicle in for the appointment. While it's being appraised, you can look around our showroom to see if anything interests you. After the appraisal, we'll give you an offer. Our offer remains the same for a week, as long as the condition of your vehicle doesn't change. You can choose to take the cash value, or upgrade to a new Audi model of used vehicle from us.

Sell Your Vehicle in Phoenix, AZ Today

When you're ready, make an appraisal appointment online and come discover your options at Audi North Scottsdale.