Whether you're battling the winter cold or trying to keep the sweat at bay during the summer, you can stay cozy in the Audi A4 Allroad. This popular luxury wagon features a robust climate control system as well as feature-rich seating so that you can stay comfortable during your travels.

Drivers in Phoenix, AZ can get the A4 Allroad at Audi North Scottsdale with high-tech seats. In the front, sport-style seats are used. They feature a 12-point power adjustment system. There are four points of adjustment for lumbar support alone. In addition to helping you get the perfect seating position; these seats also have built-in heating elements. The rear bench seat can also be heated.

When it comes to climate control, Audi has made it possible for everyone to stay comfortable. The wagon is available with a three-zone automatic system. You, your front passenger, and your rear passengers can all have different temperature settings to meet your unique preferences.

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