Roof-racks provide some much-needed space for traveling vehicles. When used correctly, roof-racks can create more interior space for passengers and other items. Audi North Scottsdale wants vehicle owners to be knowledgeable about their SUVs. Find out how to maximize the use of your vehicle's roof-rack.

The first few steps involve analyzing the type of luggage you will carry. You should measure the item and ensure it fits within the parameters of the roof-rack. It is important to make sure that no part of the luggage hangs over the side of the rack. You will also want to make sure that the item is weatherproof and will not move under highway speeds. It is important to use the right luggage for a roof-rack.

Once you have fitted the luggage on top of the rack, you'll need to secure it. This is best done using cam-buckle straps. First, you will lay the straps over the luggage pieces. Next, hook the snaps onto the rack. Finally, you'll need to crank the cam-buckle to tighten the hold.

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