Audi Puts Expansion Plans Into Motion

With all the exciting new Audi models out today, the company has decided to strike while the iron is hot. They announced recently a plan to drop $24 billion into new technology, building a new plant in Brazil and Mexico, and increasing their model lineup from 50 to 60 cars.

While other automakers may be critical of these plans, with Audi, anything is possible. The Brazil plant is expected to begin production on the Audi A3 sometime this year, and the company hopes sales numbers across their lineup will not only increase, but triple. Do you think they can accomplish this feat over the next four years as planned? We think we're going to be keeping our eyes on the developments, and we'll share as they come available. We do know that they seem to be capable of doing whatever they set their minds to, so why would this be any different?

While we wait for the news to come in, we have a video review of the A3 which details how it's a good car for those who are looking for a nice introduction to the Audi line while still turning heads.

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