Audi makes SUVs and sedans cool

There seems to be this thought that a car has to be classified as a sports car to be 'cool,' but as usual, Audi comes along and proves everyone wrong. If you look at the new Audi A3, which is a sedan that has dramatic lines, a sporty interior, and the latest technology, making it not your typical family car. When you add to that the performance specifications you get from Audi models, this is a model that is worthy of a test drive.

For those of you afraid to make the leap to an SUV, consider the Audi Q5 which offers more than space. Offering up performance specs to excite, between 220 and 272 horsepower, the Q5 is full of the best technology, gives drivers and passengers the chance to feel comfort, and let's face it, this is a beautiful model.

Here at Audi North Scottsdale we believe our Phoenix area customers deserve a choice in the next car you commit to, and this is why we offer so many great models. The Audi model lineup also includes the inclusion of quattro technology which is easily explained in this video. Come in for a test drive of our SUVs and sedans and see what makes your life more stylish, fun, and exciting.

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