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Audi North Scottsdale

18088 North Scottsdale Road
Directions Phoenix, AZ 85054

  • Sales: (888) 804-0176
  • Service: (888) 859-6649
  • Parts: (888) 447-9929

Texting & Driving

Please don't text and drive.

Audi North Scottsdale sincerely discourages texting and driving, as well as the use of vehicle controls that distract you from giving the road your complete attention. For your own and the safety of your loved ones, please wait until you have come to a complete stop before using your electronics.

If you would like help on how to use the optional voice control or Bluetooth® functions in your Audi to best operate your navigation and entertainment systems while at speed, please contact us; we are happy to help.

A second means more than you may think.

At 45 miles per hour, your vehicle covers 66 feet per second. That means that in the five seconds it takes to read or write a text, you can travel further than the length of a football field; At 65 miles per hour, it takes 3 seconds. No message is more important than your life or your passenger's. Please wait and be safe.

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