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Audi Swarm Taillight Concept Adds New Depth to Stop-and-Go Traffic

Here at Audi North Scottsdale, we love bringing you the latest news concerning the new Audi lineup we offer a 18088 North Scottsdale Road Phoenix, AZ 85054. Sometimes, however, we also enjoy giving you a glimpse of things to come.

This ambitious project has been nicknamed the Swarm by Audi, and it's a single OLED display that spans the entire rear end of the car it's been designed for. This allows thousands of small lights to rapidly illuminate, creating a visual pattern that's similar in nature to flock of birds or school of fish - hence the name.

In its current form, we'd say it most certainly is. Audi is currently showing off the Swarm with a mesmerizing pattern that flows almost like a river. It's honestly not that hard to get caught up in the hypnotic flow after mere seconds of viewing the Swarm in action.

Entertaining at a glance, but it's not the true purpose Audi envisions the Swarm serving. As we said, the name of the game with the Swarm is safety. And there are a seemingly endless number of ways Audi could use it enhance models like the A4, Q5 or R8.

This, of course, is mere speculation. This impressive technological display is still in the very early stages of development. It will likely be some time before we see it brought to fruition in the new Audi lineup we offer drivers from the greater Scottsdale area.

Keeping this in mind, Audi North Scottsdale, located at 18088 North Scottsdale Road Phoenix, AZ 85054 invites you to stay tuned for more on the Swarm as the details emerge.

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