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Here's what our customers have to say about us!

"Best people...ALL of them. Very polite and helpful. Always ready to help. Jamie Ossa is AWESOME!! Even my son commented it was the easiest car buying experience ever! I loved the fact that they found the exact car that I wanted and knew exactly what I wanted done prior to delivery (tint, exhaust, etc.)." - Deanna S., January 8, 2014

"Clean, organized and stress free environment - friendly staff. Steve Baca was an absolute joy to work with. No pressure, no gimmicks, no numbers games. Called me on my cell the next day to ask how much I was enjoying the car and if I needed anything further. Was respectful and courteous. Will seek Steve out when buying a future vehicle. No games. Saw the invoice on the purchased vehicle. No pressure. Stress free process. Excellent delivery. Received a full walk through for all features on the car, including overview on Audi Connect which was new to me. Received a call and email 1 week after delivery to offer a "re-delivery" to go over all features again. Was not necessary, but appreciated." - Jared D., January 6, 2014

"Debby Lloyd was great to work with. Friendly, knowledgeable, trustworthy." - Mark W., January 2, 2014

"I've purchased two cars from the dealership and have had nothing but excellent service during the sale process as well as service on my first Audi. Steve Baca has always been attentive to my needs which is why I came back to him to purchase a new car when my lease was up. Jon was thorough in explaining the new features, however there was a lot to absorb so I will need to review the manuals especially to navigate through the Navigation system which is a new feature for me." - Donna J., January 2, 2014

"I have been in the dealership in the past, this time most of it was done on the phone. Paul Edgett was very attentive and not pushy, great experience for something I don't like doing. He made it easy to do most of the work on the phone." - Colleen B., January 1, 2014

"Truly an easy, transparent process, our second purchase in 6 months with this salesperson." - Joseph F., October 28, 2013

"Love Audi North Scottsdale. Debby is awesome! Second time she has helped me with buying car. I will keep coming back. She is the best very helpful , personable best experience I have had buying car. A++++" - Jason W., October 23, 2013

"Brad Burnham was exceptional." - David T., October 19, 2013

"We were in a rush to attend another appointment and the salesperson did the best he could given the time restraint." - Carl F., October 16, 2013

"Sean Moran really took care of me, this is the second Audi that I have bought from him." - Adrian P., October 15, 2013

"Steve Baca is an exceptional sales associate and accommodated my every need. With regard to working out the deal, Tara Price made my experience a perfect 10." - Greg V., October 14, 2013

"Steve Baca did a wonderful job." - Ian B., October 14, 2013

"From the point of my first visit for the test drive and through the point of finalizing the deal, I felt like I really lucked out by ending up with Brad as my salesman. He was very knowledgeable, professional, and attentive. However, I feel that communication could have been more efficient and effective after I left with my new car in regard to a short list of items that still needed to be resolved...small misses on the detailing and mostly the missing tow hitch cap." - Laurie H., October 13, 2013

"Two people worked as a team and made sure all my needs were covered. Working out the deal was easy. No haggling. A fair deal was offered and accepted. This is a very complex vehicle. They did all they could until I couldn't absorb any more. Then we agreed I'd come back for more at another time." - Edward K., October 12, 2013

"Brad was great and helpful in the process of selection of the automobile that best fit my needs." - Travis L., October 10, 2013

"Very friendly staff! Salesperson was a great guy, no pressure, knowledgeable. Very extensive demo of vehicle." - Bradley H., October 9, 2013

"I don't remember if the salesperson explained about the service department. It would be nice to include the service department phone number on something in the actual car. Even better after a certain period of time, have the service department contact me to set up the initial servicing etc. He responded well to our needs and questions." - Margot P., October 7, 2013

"Joe Coleman was very good to work with. He helped me with my first Audi (an A4) back in 2010. I sought his help again for my second Audi (an A6) this time around. I am happy with my deal. The only issue I have is that I thought I was negotiating for a 3 year lease. I only found out that it was a 42 month lease when I was going through the paperwork. This is not what I wanted, but I didn't feel like renegotiating at that point, so I just stayed with the 42-month lease." - Jeffrey K., October 2, 2013

"My experience at Audi North Scottsdale was great. All I would have preferred was a bit longer of a test drive. I purchased a used vehicle and still received great customer service. Jaime Ossa was great at his sales position and made me feel pretty comfortable. That was great considering it was my first car purchase at a dealer, I was pretty nervous. The car has been pretty good since I bought it, I had to take it in to get a light replaced and recently the A/C stopped working (I do understand that comes with used cars). I really enjoyed everything about it and was truly impressed over the other dealerships I visited prior to Audi North Scottsdale." - Sebastian P., September 27, 2013

"The experience truly was very good. The price was outstanding, the sales man did a great job being transparent and giving extra care to documenting the vehicle to assist with our out of state purchase, lots of communication." - Ryan D., September 27, 2013

"Excellent. Debby was great to work with and we had good success with your dealership in terms of maintenance in the past." - Brian R., September 5, 2013

"I just want to say it was a great pleasure working with Jamie and Shawn. They know how to take care of customers." - Brian L., August 31, 2013

"Very satisfying. David was great to work with, knowledgeable, respectful of my time and made it a great buying experience." - Chad V., August 28, 2013

"We had a great experience with David Silver. He made the process seamless and stress free. There was no pressure and he heard and worked with our needs. We were very satisfied working with him as well as Audi North Scottsdale." - Tim R., August 26, 2013

"I purchased a beautiful 2011 Audi A5 Cabriolet. David Silver and the finance manager were very helpful." - Amy W., August 25, 2013

"Could not fault our car buying experience at Audi North Scottsdale. Received great customer service. We dealt with Aaron who was extremely helpful in finding us just the right car at the price that was right for us. The car had to have the windows tinted and the follow-up service has been just as good." - Colette C., August 20, 2013

"Nancy Deurell, my salesperson, did an outstanding job helping me custom order my R8. Nancy then remained in close touch with me the entire 3.5 month period from order to delivery. Since delivery, she has continued to stay in contact. I especially appreciated how Nancy went way out of her way to assist a Fountain Hills student (who I teach Junior Achievement to) to receive a ride in an R8 from your dealership. I was traveling this summer and Nancy arranged everything! Nancy truly has a passion to sell automobiles and a special heart for Audi and your dealership. Nancy has been a true blessing to me and a joy to work with. I hope and pray our relationship continues over the years. My other contact point was your business lady (can't recall her name). She truly was on top of everything and had such a warm, inviting personality. I also enjoyed meeting Wyatt, your service leader, who Nancy introduced me to. I worked for Ford and Chrysler for 18 years in Detroit so I am well versed in dealerships. Thank you for the outstanding job...please keep it up." - Dwight J., August 19, 2013

"It was the best experience I have ever had at a car dealer. Steve (and Jamie) were both great to work with. In fact my first experience was so positive that I came back 2 weeks later for a second purchase. Good job!" - Aaron C., August 19, 2013

"Very friendly and fairly quick. Had the car ready and waiting for us when we came to see it. Just the right amount of sales pressure." - Thomas L., August 18, 2013

"We had a great experience. This is the third Audi we have purchased with you, and Debby Lloyd has been our salesperson on the last two. I have to say, she has made the whole thing so easy...and enjoyable! She certainly knows her stuff, and was just a pleasure to work with. Also, Tara in your finance department was wonderful - very knowledgeable - just like Debby." - Barbara L., August 15, 2013

"My experience with Audi North Scottsdale was initially great. I had a great test drive, worked out a fantastic price for the vehicle and was very excited. However, in my transaction I had to leave Audi to relinquish my other vehicle to BMW in the middle of signing paperwork. When I returned to Audi (30 minutes later), Troy (my client advisor) asked how I would be putting the down payment on the car. This was long after we agreed on pricing and already started filling out paperwork. I informed him that I would be putting it on my Amex. He said there was a $5K limit and that the $30K that I wanted to put down wouldn't work. The sales manager came in and echoed what Troy said. None of this was made apparent to me until this point and was very frustrating. They then told me that it was Penske policy and there was nothing that they could do. And eventually just let me walk out of the dealership. I then came back in to ask for the GM information, corporate information, and informed them that I work for Amex and would be filing a complaint against the dealership. They then went into the back, I assume made some calls and then eventually came back out to me and asked me to come back into the office to make the deal. Overall, the experience would have been perfect had it not been for this. I think that I received a fair deal on a car I have confidence in. But if there are corporate "caps" placed on credit card transactions or limits placed on how a customer makes a down payment, that should be made apparent ahead of time. Additionally, I don't think it was good practice to just let a customer walk out without exhausting every option to make the deal. Why did I have to threaten to complain and escalate my issue? I would be happy to talk about this more in detail. I think that Troy did a good job, but I feel that the management could have done more than just let me walk out of the dealership and come back in frustrated and wanting corporate information to escalate. I would recommend Audi North Scottsdale to others but would certainly make them aware of the experience I had." - RJ H., August 15, 2013

"My experience was outstanding, from initial questions covering a wide range of Audi qualities, performance discussions, service requirements all very efficiently handled by Aaron and then Brian, I was completely satisfied. After purchase, the satisfaction continues as my experience with the service department has also been very good - with any question that I might have being effectively answered." - Dave J., August 11, 2013

"Wonderful. First and last place I shopped for my car. My experience was pleasant and extremely efficient. I was in and out in no time. Love my new 2009 Audi TT!" - Jean F., August 8, 2013

"Audi North Scottsdale is truly a first class experience. Know-how, responsive, courteous, friendly; these are the ingredients of this professional dealership!" - Ron C., August 6, 2013

"The entire car buying experience was wonderful. My sales rep was friendly, helpful and not pushy at all. I thought buying the car was easy with no stress. It was the best car buying experience I've ever had." - Kimberly F., August 4, 2013

"Outstanding. I bought the car long distance and everything went off without a hitch. Bill Jacobs was great." - Dan R., August 4, 2013

"We called ahead asking about the availability of driving a Q7. Aaron Schofield was helpful and receptive upon my arrival. Helpful throughout the whole process. If he didn't know the answer, he let me know he didn't know and sought accurate information." - Tamara Y., August 2, 2013

"While I looked upon the whole experience of purchasing a new car with fear and trepidation and decided to visit Audi North Scottsdale only to check out used models, Sean Moran was my initial contact and walked me through the whole process which resulted in my purchase of a 2014 A4. It helped that I had previously owned a 97 A4, but Sean did an excellent job of working with me to arrive at a final decision - purchase rather than lease - which I believe was the correct one for me. He made suggestions and crunched numbers very quickly until we arrived at a decision. I got the 2014 Audi with exactly what I wanted, no more - no less. I loved Sean's response to my decisions - "I hear you." He did not try to give me a spiel. I do love my new Audi as much as my old one - same color, same upholstery and drives the same way. I wish Sean success and a lot of sales and will be more than happy to recommend Sean and Audi North Scottsdale to my friends in Tucson." - William F., August 2, 2013

"Came in, was welcomed warmly, took a test drive, loved the car, negotiated quickly and easily, went through finance in 3.5 minutes and was out the door with my first Audi. Joe did a great job and was pleasant to work with. Probably the best car buying experience I've had yet. Thank you!" - Tyler A., August 1, 2013

"Best pain free car buying experience, would definitely purchase from Audi North Scottsdale again in the future!" - Tera B., July 31, 2013

"Always great. This is about the 8th Audi (maybe 10) that I've purchased from this dealership. Bought two of them while you were on McDowell. The reason I keep coming back is because of Brad in sales and Jason in service. Period! I can buy cars through a Credit Union, but these two are such professionals that I value their friendship. I have always been treated right." - Carl D., July 29, 2013

"My experience could not have been more simple. I got an accurate, honest appraisal of my trade in, a nice loyalty discount, and the paperwork portion was streamlined. David, our salesman went through the car and explained features completely and we were in and out in 2 hours." - Denise T., July 15, 2013

"All of my negotiations were done with Brad Burnham by email. Since the dealership did not have the Q5 in stock with the exact options I was looking for, Brad worked with us to order the car from the factory to our specifications. We went back and forth a few times to arrive at an acceptable price. Each time Brad was very quick to respond to my emails and to answer my questions. We ultimately agreed to a price and I paid a deposit online. The car ultimately arrived earlier than anticipated. My wife and I went in and Brad had the car all ready to go. We signed some papers, he went over all of the features on the car and we were on our way. It was a very quick process. It was also a very pleasant experience. Brad was very professional to work with. We will definitely work with Brad and Audi North Scottsdale on our next purchase." - Jeff T., July 13, 2013

"AWESOME! I would refer Audi North Scottsdale to all my friends and family. The service is/ was exceptional. Colton Grubb was very professional, patient and helpful in aiding me in my decision to purchase an Audi. I live near Chandler, but will always choose Audi North Scottsdale for all my service needs. I give Audi North Scottsdale an A." - Rebecca B., July 10, 2013

"Easily the second best car buying experience that I've ever had. The best was back in May when I bought my first Audi from you all." - Corey C., July 10, 2013

"Buying my car from Audi North Scottsdale was a very pleasant experience. My sales associate was Colton Grubb & he was very professional and knowledgeable. I was looking for a specific Q5, color features etc & he did not try to convince me to purchase anything different. It was definitely worth the wait." - Melinda P., July 9, 2013

"I worked with Debi because I requested her based on past experience. She was exceptional! She knew just what to show me, did not waste my time, and made sure I got the best deal as well as information on my new car. I can honestly say I've never had a more enjoyable experience at a dealership." - Carole P., July 9, 2013

"I had a fantastic experience. The salesperson I worked with was the best I have encountered at a dealership and he made the entire process very easy. I would work with him again and plan on referring business directly to him." - Julie F., July 8, 2013

"Very low pressure from sales and management. We changed our minds many times trying to decide what was the best car/scenario for us. Mark and team were right there with us every step to advise and facilitate. Made the car buying experience a fun adventure --- the way it should be!!!" - Terry C., July 7, 2013

"Best car we have purchased and Audi North Scottsdale made it possible. Keep up the great work!" - Rich W., July 6, 2013

"Steve Baca was great. He heard what I wanted once, then found the exact car (in another state). I never felt like I was being sold; he made it fun to buy the car. Excellent experience." - Aimee M., July 6, 2013

"David was amazing! It was by far the best car buying experience I've ever had." - Kevin S., July 4, 2013

"Awesome, it is always such a pleasant experience to work with the sales and service people there at Audi North Scottsdale. Jaime went above and beyond to help us get the vehicle we were interested in and finance & delivery was a breeze. - Kris S., July 3, 2013

"I had a great experience, was followed up by my salesperson Sean, and overall love the vehicle. The only constructive feedback was the paperwork when I scheduled to come in and pick up the vehicle. I had made arrangements to get there at noon to pick it up and I had to wait about an hour before we started the paperwork." - Glen F., July 3, 2013

"This is my 11th new car, and without a doubt this was the most professional experience I have encountered. From my dealings with the salesperson (Nancy Deurell), to the incredible time she spent going over all the features when I picked the car up." - Robert C., July 1, 2013

"From the moment my wife and I arrived at the Audi North Scottsdale dealership we knew we were in good hands. Mr. Gary Stone mentioned that they had just received a used Audi A6 that we could consider, the salesman Colton Grubb drove us to the used car area and was very helpful in the process of finding the car for our needs. We did select the A6 and we are very pleased with the vehicle and the level of service we received." - Ron & Karen C.

"Overall good car buying experience. No pressure and worked with me to get the deal I wanted on the vehicle I wanted. Brian McCauley and David Silver were both great. Thanks." - Doug W.

"Excellent experience! My 10th Audi purchase (including drivers for my wife and daughter) and I would not buy any other car or go to any other dealer!" - Michael G.

"It was a pleasure doing business with Audi North Scottsdale. Joe Coleman and the rest of the team could not have been more professional!" - Scott H.

"Our salesman Paul Edgett provided us with the highest level of service and as Audi North Scottsdale customers, we were very satisfied and would recommend him and the dealership to family and friends." - Wendell & Debra P.

"We drove Audis in the 70's and 80's until the Lexus was born and then we switched. In mid-April I was T-boned and walked away with no injuries but the car was totaled so we had to replace the Lexus and were on our way to buy one my husband had previously considered and we had 2 teenaged grandsons with us. They had researched various points on different cars and were convinced we should buy an Audi instead, and had the facts to back up their opinions. Therefore, they convinced my husband to stop at Audi North Scottsdale just to "check out what they had for sale". They were elated to find this Audi A8, just as they'd wanted us to consider and pled their case for it. We drove it and were impressed but we went on to look at the Lexus that was under consideration. We tried to stay open minded but the Audi won out and while we weren't pleased with the salesman at Lexus - he kept contradicting himself - the salesman at Audi was just perfect. Low key and had such a pleasing personality so we called him on a Sunday and told him to have it all ready for us to pick up on Monday. It was a happy experience and we got the best deal! After having driven it for a couple of weeks, we couldn't be happier and the grandsons each got a new Audi watch. It was happiness all around!" - Carol C.

"First, we like the product. Throughout the years, we've owned Porsches, Volvos, Saabs, Mercedes, BMWs. I never believed I would own another product other than BMW. We have been converted to Audi and now own two. The professionals at Audi North Scottsdale have something to do with this loyalty. I want to especially call out Debby Lloyd (she has sold us 3 Audis in 3 years), Steve Baca, Anthony (Parts) and Jason Brown in service. Wow - what a team! Every staff member we have come into contact with is knowledgeable and friendly. The dealership adds to the experience - it shines - always meticulously clean. The Audi branding elements support are engaging. My experience can be summarized by sharing with you that I stop periodically to grab a cup of coffee or a bottle of water if I am in the area and craving either. Why is this significant? Because I only behave like this with friends who I trust and like very much! You have a very special operation at North Scottsdale. You should be very proud!" - Maritza & James B.

"I have purchased 3 vehicles from your dealership and have been treated with respect and kindness. When it has come time for service, I am greeted with a smile and friendship. Thanks for always looking out for me." - Cheryl W.

"Audi dealerships are all about the people employed there. Audi North Scottsdale has an exceptional group of employees that continually strive to resolve any and all issues during the purchase, and service of Audi products. The employees are professional and at the same time friendly. I have found that they are truthful and place the customer's needs in the forefront. The customer is greeted by name and feels welcome at the dealership. I feel valued as a customer & will continue doing business with Audi North Scottsdale." - Joseph P.

"My experience was outstanding for both my S7 and S8 purchases. Very professional before, during and after the sales. I was impressed with the knowledge about the car operating systems which are pretty sophisticated. They represent you in a great way." - Barry M.

"Brian was so nice and helpful, not pushy at all, and very knowledgeable. It almost seemed too easy. We love our car and thank you very much." - Karen G.

"This is the 4th vehicle that I have purchased from Audi North Scottsdale and, as always, the service was exceptional. I have worked with Todd Curry on each transaction and he has always made the process enjoyable. I don't believe that I will stray from the Audi brand so I will be back next time as well!" - Tina C.

"We have been buying cars from Audi North Scottsdale for over 8 years now. As usual we had a wonderful buying experience. Everyone treats us very well and is very friendly. We will continue to do business with Audi North Scottsdale and recommend it to our friends." - Chuck and Jackie H.

"Without a doubt, the easiest auto purchase I have ever experienced. The salesperson (Debby) and staff were exceptional. No "old school" high pressure TO (turnover to team or sales manager for higher price negotiation) sales tactics." - George H.

"The entire process was simple, quick and pleasurable. Debby LLoyd, our salesperson, was knowledgeable and very helpful. There was no pressure or confusion, and I felt that I was fairly treated. Love my car!" - Christine O.

"We had a very good experience with your dealership. Colton Grubb was an extremely helpful salesperson. He really worked hard for us. And while we ran into a few unforeseen delays in accepting delivery of our A6 in Massachusetts, because here in MA the DMV rules are different from those in Arizona. But it all worked out just fine. We absolutely love our new car!" - Marian F.

"My experience was wonderful. Mark Reicks and Tara Price are simply amazing. I'm a very loyal customer and trust them both." - Erik S.

"Best experience ever. I have purchased 3 cars from Audi North Scottsdale. I am a very loyal customer." - Walter L.

"I worked with Todd for my second Audi and he is a very professional salesperson. Knows a lot about the car and I never have the feeling he tricks me. I wasn't really in the market for an Audi this time and was sure I'd get a Mercedes ML. But Todd and Audi North Scottsdale were able to convince me with a great deal. I am very impressed with Audi North Scottsdale and will recommend it to friends and neighbors." - Petra N.

I don't even know where to begin to be quite frank. I find it hard to talk with the "Perma Grin" now part of my facial features. Let me suffice it to say, my friends envy my new rocket ship, my neighbors despise me for the frequency I decide to take flight and ALL have a serious case of "Wanna Be". The neighbors who live on my "Test Run Road" have since posted a slow down sign along with a checkered flag. I guess they don't have that same "Need For Speed" as I do...Clearly who ever came up with the song "The Thrill is Gone" never had one of your Superchargers installed. None of my other collector cars have ever seen the rain but this one certainly has. It is my greatest pride and truly a joy to drive. I seriously think about driving it everyday. When I first got my license I would jump at the chance to take Dad's car for a spin just to run errands, and while that newness did fade I must say the thrill of this car never gets old or faded. You will see me driving to Home Depot, grocery shopping or even to get the pizza for dinner. Mind you, they delivered up until now. LOL. I have picked a fight with my girlfriend just so I could go take a "Drive" as she would say! Well maybe the pick a fight was a stretch but, it's about as close to any description I can think of to find an excuse to drive. Speaking of, did you realize the sun just popped out!!!! Time to fly!! Ciao,Ciao

"My experience with Mr. Jacobs was outstanding. We did the deal by email, he understood my needs and I am very satisfied with the car I purchased. This is the second Audi that I have purchased with Mr. Jacobs. Of important note, one of the reasons I return to your dealership is the service. Mr. Rizzo makes it easy for me to get the service done. He is outstanding and another reason I keep coming back." - Jerry E.

"My experience was outstanding. The salesmen were very knowledgeable and the car is very sophisticated and during the delivery it really showed how well trained they are." - Barry M.

"Great buying experience. Loving my new car." - Marchell H.

"Debby Lloyd was amazing. I had been to several dealerships before finding the car I bought at Audi North Scottsdale. Debby was very professional and found me better financing than what I had found. She was able to work my deal out in very little time and without me having to wait at all. I would highly recommend Debby." - Amy E.

"We had a very easy car buying experience. We originally just went to look, knowing that we would be buying a car very soon. We didn't go with the intention of buying a car that night, but after such a good experience with our salesperson and a great car, decided to buy that night. We felt no pressure and everyone encountered was great to work with. Generally I cringe thinking about car shopping, but this was so different from our previous experiences I won't cringe next time!" - Carly H.

"Audi North Scottsdale offers a very comfortable car buying experience. The dealership has very professional and engaging personnel in sales, service and finance. More importantly they are outstanding in after the purchase service. I could not be happier with my total experience plus it is a great site to visit the Penske Museum and some of the leading brands in the world offered." - Lee S.

"Both Jessie and Colton were great to deal with, responsive to my questions and worked out a pretty suitable deal quickly. I would recommend either of them to friends, family and co-workers." - Larry M.

"Jaime Ossa made our experience one to remember when my wife was ready to trade her car in. He was knowledgeable, likeable and professional all throughout my TT RS purchase process. I do hope he keeps his word in sending me a TT baseball hat?" - Neil M.

"Our best car buying experience ever! Great people, great cars and a very good location and facility. Thank you." - Bill C.

"Overall, an excellent experience! A town car arrived at the airport to take us to the dealership. The car was front & center, waiting for our inspection. (I was slightly disappointed in the cleanliness of the car, but, in fairness, I am a detail freak and when I got the car home, I discovered it had been in some type of dust storm because there was white sediment in every nook and cranny including the bottom door seals.) On a positive note, Bill Jacobs was a pleasure to deal with. Very personable, low key, no pressure. He answered all of our questions and seamlessly handed us to the finance representative. There again, all of our questions were answered, papers signed and we were on our way back to San Diego in under a couple of hours. Kudos, also, to Donna for relentlessly pursuing the completion of our vehicle registration in California - no easy task. I received a FedEx package from her containing the necessary docs to send to the state, which I promptly returned. I am now awaiting the tags. Thanks to everyone involved in our transaction. It was a pleasure! - Jon M.

"My experience was fantastic. Quick, easy and got me in a car I love." - Gregory D.

"We've owned many Audi products in the past but our few recent ones have been through your dealership. We really appreciate the expertise of your entire sales staff, especially Brian our salesperson. He knows your product better than any salesperson I've ever met and is a true asset to your team. Overall a very positive experience from "hello" to "goodbye"." - Jay O.

"Excellent experience! Sean Moran was incredibly informative and obviously knew the Q7 in and out! He was also really fun and enjoyable to work with. Easiest car buying experience I've ever had. Stress free and fun! I will definitely purchase another car from Audi North Scottsdale in the future!" - Tiffany B.

"After my initial conversation and tentative negotiations with Colton, I came back the following day to firm things up, even though my trade in was 1300 miles away. All was handled effectively for me to drive trade in to dealership 10 days later and complete the deal on prior negotiated terms with no surprises - quick and efficient documentation and financing to allow timely completion & drive away. Couldn't ask for any changes to this experience." - Daniel S.

"Bill Jacobs was extremely helpful, knowledgeable, responsive and thoughtful. The car is a dream. It's the best car buying experience I've ever had. Attentive and helpful rather than "selling cars"." - Bill K.

"First rate experience. Colton Dixon and your whole staff were courteous and attentive. I will be back. Love my car." - Luke L.

"In a word, my experience was fantastic. I was extremely impressed with the entire experience. My advisor, Bill Jacobs, was a wealth of knowledge about my A6. He and the finance department did a great job working around my hectic schedule to make the actual pruchase so perfectly smooth and quick. It is great to see that there are still professionals out there that give amazing customer service." - Robert M.

"My experience at Audi North Scottsdale was exceptional. Sean, my salesperson, was on it from the second I walked in the door. He was always concerned about what I wanted but was able to offer me some helpful opinions and options. I never expected to enjoy buying a car but I can honestly say Sean made it an enjoyable experience. Unfortunately the day after I looked at cars, my fiance was in a car accident and her car was totaled. Sean understood this and when he met my fiance the next day that I went to buy the car, he was so caring and on top of it. I asked him if he would also be able to look at some options of cars for her and he said he'd love to. I sent him some cars she was interested in and within minutes he replied with some options and offered a test drive. After buying my car, I noticed that one of the air vents was broken. Once again I emailed Sean and instantly he replied telling me that it was not acceptable and that he would be sure to get it fixed as soon as the service team was in. I set up an appointment with the service team and when I got there, John was also great. He came out and greeted me and looked over my car. I had mentioned to him that I was a little surprised at how many scratches there were on the car, as I knew they had just detailed it. He told me that he would speak with a manager and take care of that as well. Between the sales and service, I don't know why anyone wouldn't buy from Audi North Scottsdale as well as working with Sean." - Kyle T.

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